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Volunteering at ROCK
ROCK has a strong community of volunteers who donate their time to ensure participants are provided the best experience possible. Volunteers are a diverse group and include past/current participants, college students and working professionals. While many have different backgrounds, all have a common passion for making positive change in a community so desperate for quality programming. With hundreds of volunteers, ROCK is able to run a stream-lined organization where most of its budget is spent on programs.

While there is definite value to the community, volunteers see many benefits such as the following:

- The feeling of making a positive impact in the life of a child
- The impact that a child's smile can make in your life
- The opportunity to meet other like-minded volunteers both during and outside of programs
The chance to receive ongoing training by ROCK's team of professionals

ROCK has ongoing opportunities to volunteer throughout the entire year. Programs take place during the school day, after school, Saturdays and throughout the summer and we are always looking for new people to include in our network. Examples of volunteering opportunities include the following:

- Teach an elementary school child to play a team-based sport
- Take a middle school participant on an outdoor adventure
- Assist a participant in completing their homework

If direct service is not for you, ROCK has plenty of opportunities to be involved such as the following:

- Provide professional assistance in your area of expertise
- Assist with ROCK's fundraising events, or create your own
- Be an advocate and spread the ROCK name
- Serve on ROCK's Board of Directors to guide the organization

Because of its reputation for providing the highest quality youth development programs, ROCK has big expectations of its volunteers. As a volunteer, we expect the following:

- Promptness and dependability
- Flexibility
- Initiative
- Patience
- Imagination and creativity
- Sense of humor
- Discretion and trustworthiness with confidential matters relating to kids and their families
- A warm, positive, and supportive attitude
- Sensitivity to children’s needs
- Respect for others
How To Volunteer
Ready to take the plunge? Volunteer is easy and rewarding. To get started volunteering in programs, you will need to do the following:

1. You must love working with children and know that you want to spend quality time with them to build positive relationships!
2. Complete the attached Volunteer Registration form and fax it to 614-333-4034.
3. After completing Step 2, ROCK will mail/email you a finger print card to obtain background clearance, as required by San Francisco Unified School District.
4. Attend a ROCK Volunteer Training session. You will be notified when upcoming sessions will occur.

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