Your donation can help R.O.C.K. in many ways.

Every dollar you give to R.O.C.K. is put to use by providing programming and resources for children who face great hurdles in their lives.

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Other Ways to Donate with R.O.C.K.

There are various other ways to donate with R.O.C.K., and every donation counts toward changing the life of a kid by giving them a chance to grow and play – a chance every child should have.

Donate Your Stock

Donate appreciated stock directly – Receive the full tax deduction for the fair market value while avoiding capital gains on the profits.


Sell depreciated stock and donate the cash – Receive the full tax deduction plus take a capital loss.


Consult your financial advisor to determine what is best for you.

Donate by Mail

If you prefer mail, we’ve made that easy too. Please make checks out to Real Options for City Kids (R.O.C.K.), then mail them to:


Real Options for City Kids

73 Leland Ave

San Francisco, CA 94134

Donate Your Stuff

Depending on the program or organizational needs, R.O.C.K. accepts your in-kind contributions these in-kind donations throughout the year.

  • T-shirts for children at programs
  • Sport equipment for use at one of R.O.C.K.’s many sports and fitness sessions
  • General office supplies for use at R.O.C.K.’s administrative offices

Want to help in other ways? Become a R.O.C.K. volunteer