Monique Garrett

Past Participant - R.O.C.K. Story

A letter from a past participant

My name is Monique Garrett and I’m here to tell you about the role R.O.C.K. has played in my life.


To illustrate this, I should tell you a little bit about me. I graduated with honors from Sacred Heart Cathedral High School where I was a captain of the state championship basketball team. All of this was made possible through my involvement with R.O.C.K.

I can honestly say from experience that R.O.C.K. consists of people who genuinely care for the kids. I started attending R.O.C.K. as an eight year old at “Skill Drills” on Saturdays and as I got older, R.O.C.K. continued to be a part of my life

Upon entering middle school, R.O.C.K.’s started its outdoor adventure and leadership training program which proved to me that they wanted to see their participants grow and mature. I eventually became a volunteer as I entered high school and still people such as Curt Yagi stayed in touch and made sure that I reached my full potential.


Without R.O.C.K. in my life, I wouldn’t be as focused or concentrated on the future and how I can help others. I will soon be graduating from St. Mary’s College in Moraga with a degree in Kinesiology.


I owe all my success to R.O.C.K. because its staff and volunteers taught me how to utilize opportunities even through adversity and obstacles that seemed impossible. I want to thank you for choosing to make R.O.C.K. a part of your lives because as long as R.O.C.K. is around, the lives of children will be changed for the better.

R.O.C.K. is different because we make a positive impact year after year.