Pop, Lock and R.O.C.K. it!

By Sarah Meike, Special Projects Coordinator

My favorite part of volunteering at our Elementary School program is watching our kids swarm toward a speaker whenever music comes on, and then perform song after song in perfect choreographed steps. This is due to our dance program and amazing staff who encourage our youth to express themselves artistically through their bodies and performance. Christina Ivy, R.O.C.K.’s Assistant Site Coordinator at El Dorado Elementary School told me, “It’s amazing being able to provide a space for youth to express themselves through movement and music. Students can be as creative and energetic as they want without a care in the world.”

The dance was not the only thing that was R.O.C.K.ing the house during our recent Valentine’s event. We had some awesome carnival games and even better volunteers! One of our dedicated volunteers from our Saturday Skill Drills Program, John Michaud, brought his entire team from his company Zenefits to help out at the event. They enjoyed playing games like Heart Stack, Pin the arrow on Cupid’s Bow, and Valentines Skee Ball pictured with John below. After getting the opportunity to hang out at both our after school and Saturday programs, John says, “R.O.C.K. seems to be bridging the opportunity gap for children in Visitation Valley, and I’m honored to work with such an amazing organization.” We are so happy to have John as a volunteer, and hope he will bring the Zenefits team back soon!