Academic Support and Learning Enrichment

We provide carefully planned programs to further meet the needs of our kids.

In Addition to our active learning and development programs, our team provides an in-school and after-school presence at public schools in Visitacion Valley. By allocating several adult learning assistants throughout the day, we provide classroom support in classes needing extra attention.


R.O.C.K’s after-school programs vary per age group and run at both Visitacion Valley Middle School and El Dorado Elementary School. In addition to homework assistance, participants get to experience various activities including recreation, cooking, dance and leadership.


In-School Programming

R.O.C.K. maintains an in-school presence every day during the school year in public schools in Visitacion Valley. Through its in-school programs, we provide adult learning assistants who offer support in classrooms needing extra attention.

After-School Programming

R.O.C.K.’s after-school programs provide a stable environment for kids to relax while also receiving homework assistance if needed. With after-school programs at both Visitacion Valley Middle School and El Dorado Elementary School, R.O.C.K. provides quality after-school programming to children in the area. Additionally, kids get to participate in fun activities, including recreation, cooking, dance, technology and leadership.

Service Learning

A big part of R.O.C.K.’s success is the return of former participants to the program as volunteers. We introduce the importance of community volunteering early, offering high school students opportunities to volunteer their time in various programs. Additionally, a handful of high school participants are hired as paid R.O.C.K. staff members throughout the year.

Summer Escape

R.O.C.K.’s Summer Escape is a program like no other. The summer project-based youth development program focuses on enriching a child’s life with fun activities like cooking. This program puts life skills into real-time practice for its middle-school participants. Over the course of the program, the participants plan their activities and manage a budget on a week-by-week basis. The program concludes with an exciting camping trip for the kids.

Summer Go Camp

While Summer Escape is the summer program for middle-school youth, Summer Go Camp is R.O.C.K.’s summer program for elementary-aged children. The program operates weekdays offering children active learning opportunities in fun settings.

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El Dorado Elementary School After School Program ROCK SF

El DoradoElementary School

Discover how R.O.C.K. operates as the lead after-school program in Visitacion Valley.

Visitacion Valley Middle School

Expanding the program with the elementary school children we were already serving.

Visitacion Valley Beacon Center

R.O.C.K. is the lead agency responsible for the Visitacion Valley Community Beacon.