R.O.C.K. September 2018 Newsletter

A R.O.C.K. Exclusive: Introducing our Newest Dream Team Additions

In this newsletter, we had the pleasure of sitting down with three of our newest staff members who make up the leadership team at R.O.C.K. As part of 3-year strategic plan, we have positively fulfilled one of three big goals: staffing our organization for the maximum impact.

Join us in conversations with our VERY FIRST Deputy Director, a brand new Middle School Beacon Director and our fabulous Youth Coordinator, to talk about life, youth, and their first few weeks on the job–plus their invaluable advice for youth who are struggling in school.

We hope you enjoy getting to know our newest additions and share the excitement we have for R.O.C.K.’s amazing dream team. Stay up-to-date with R.O.C.K.’s latest events and happenings by following us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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