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#ROCKstar Spotlight: Zoe Swift

Role at R.O.C.K.: Marketing & Development Intern

Favorite movie: Eternal Sunshine… https://t.co/zOWMkk8SR6
⭐️ #ROCKstar Spotlight: Kania Tucker-Pittman ⭐️

Role at R.O.C.K.: Beacon Director at Visitacion Valley Middle Scho… https://t.co/6dZlazMWaQ
In this episode of #ROCKwrap, we're looking back at all the opportunities students had to broaden their horizons th… https://t.co/hqOFIa3wOh
Friends, fun, and fitness! 🏋️‍♀️🏃‍♀️R.O.C.K. received a visit from our partners at @fitkidsfoundation for an active… https://t.co/bPAUe9u6x9
RT @VSPVisionCare: As kids came back to in-person learning at Visitacion Valley Middle Middle School, many of the students were struggling…
⭐️ #ROCKstar Spotlight: Curt Yagi ⭐️

Role at R.O.C.K.: Executive Director

Favorite Movie: Whenever the movie The… https://t.co/u2n0mO9j1c
⭐️ #ROCKstar Spotlight: Natalie Gustin-Toland ⭐️

Role at R.O.C.K.: Outdoor Education & Recreation Director

Ideal… https://t.co/9fBITrojbk
Halloween in July = Jalloween 🎃🧛👻 During our summer program, our students brought out their very best costumes to c… https://t.co/MKiOQDuTK9
⭐️ #ROCKstar Spotlight: Kylee Ruvalcaba ⭐️

Role at R.O.C.K.: Site Coordinator at El Dorado Elementary School

Favo… https://t.co/22eu3tkIl8
⭐️ #ROCKstar Spotlight: Tristan Warmsley ⭐️

Role at R.O.C.K.: Site Coordinator at VVES

Favorite movie: Nacho Libr… https://t.co/tSSqO1MIUY
August is #StaffAppreciationMonth at R.O.C.K.! To kick us off, check out these photos of some of our management tea… https://t.co/SLMcIVAxNe
Check out our 50th episode of #ROCKwrap! This year, we worked w/ 12 teachers to provide our highest level of summer… https://t.co/pWJ4IOJjw4
RT @FitKidsCA: Fit Kids and @RealOptionsKids are partnering together to help youth in Visitacion Valley stay active and healthy! With easy…
Jungle gyms are great, but wanna know what's better? Jungle gyms AND ice cream! 🍦🌞🛝 Our R.O.C.K. youth spent some q… https://t.co/XiEpJj02tJ
Shredders gonna #shred! Thank you @FitKidsCA and @Avellinolab_USA for donating these awesome new skateboards, helme… https://t.co/g1PnZ0RbfB
Sun, sand, and smiles! 🌊🌞🐚 Last week during Summer Go Camp, R.O.C.K. elementary school students headed to Baker Bea… https://t.co/ohAzIHtjIx
We're offering a $150 referral incentive to anyone who refers a candidate that we hire and passes their 3-month pro… https://t.co/q1kLBc686N
🚨#HiringAlert🚨 R.O.C.K. is growing & currently looking to fill the following positions:
🔹 Site Coordinator - VVMS (… https://t.co/cWE7cR12ZD
We partnered with @VSPVisionCare to provide 60 students with FREE eye exams + glasses! One of our volunteer optomet… https://t.co/voRfP4w9l3
We got to meet new friends, get to know the campus with a scavenger hunt, share a meal together, and ask our MS Bea… https://t.co/JyqnETTi0C
Who remembers playing ☎️?

Last month, we hosted ~40 students from all around Visitacion Valley & Bayview for our… https://t.co/ordMUtsuBk
The best way to beat the heat is going to Lil’ Kid Camp! Follow us on Instagram @ realoptionsforcitykids to see wha… https://t.co/QLZ8Bqc2JI
Can we get some appreciation for R.O.C.K.’s newest album cover? Our middle school students headed to Golden Gate Pa… https://t.co/qgatHPuYH6
RT @FitKidsCA: Thank you @Avellinolab_USA for the generous donation of skateboards, helmets, pads, and tools to Fit Kids partner R.O.C.K. (…

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