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R.O.C.K. the Brew


R.O.C.K. the Brew

Saturday, April 16, 2016 – 2-5pm
21 and older only please

SOMArts – 934 Brannan St, San Francisco

Join hundreds of San Franciscans as we R.O.C.K. the BrewThis event features a homebrew competition & tasting, interactive games, food, silent auction, raffle and music.  100% of proceeds benefit San Francisco nonprofit Real Options for City Kids (R.O.C.K).

Thanks for attending our 1st annual R.O.C.K. the Brew!

Check out our pictures courtesy of Pat Garvey of BrandXSocial

Congratulations to our homebrew category winners

Casual Beer Winner: Genteel Pale Ale by Ray Zeller
Extreme Beer Winner: Grapefruit Legend by Brandon Nuess
Popular Choice Winner: Grapefruit Legend by Brandon Nuess

Casual Beer Runner Up: Kolsch Schmolsch by Adam Perry & Max Henderson
Extreme Beer Runner Up: Guided by Vices by Keith Kost
Popular Choice Runner Up: Clockwork Double IPA by Alexander Ortega

The Event

R.O.C.K. the Brew is not your typical beer tasting event.  Simply put, it is a way to sample beer in a social and interactive environment that happens to support a really great nonprofit.  Not only will you try a variety of home and craft beers, but you will be able to participate in some interactive games, take your chances on winning airline tickets in our raffle, bid on some outstanding silent auction items and meet some fellow beer enthusiasts.  To line your stomach, Anda Piroshki will be on hand selling their famous piroshkis.

Thanks for attending.  Be sure to check out our pictures courtesy of Pat Garvey.




The Competition

We have reached our capacity of homebrewers!

Be sure to check out the bios of all of our competitor under “Meet the Brewers” below.


Competition Rules

Professional Judges
Applicants will be required to bring their Brews to the competition at least one hour prior to the VIP start time. During the VIP early admission portion of the event, event staff will visit each brewer and receive a 5 oz sample for each judge to taste. Each sample will be labelled by style and number as to not reveal the brewers identity. Brews will be judged for aroma, appearance, mouth feel, and most importantly flavor. Brews will be selected to proceed to the next round based on scores. Samples will be collected again, and judges will decide on winners. Brewers will receive scorecards and feedback promptly from judges.


The People’s Choice
During the tasting segment of the event open to the general public, attendees will be able to vote for their favorite brew. The winner of this category will be awarded the People’s Choice Award. Votes will be counted and the People’s Choice winner will be announced at the award ceremony.



Two awards will be given out by our master judges, and one will be decided by popular choice during the event. Instead of separating our brews in categories by style, we will judge beers on ideological categories. The judges will award brewers who exemplify the casual and extreme themes below.

  • Balanced, well-rounded, and proportional
  • Pairs well with: hanging out with friends, reading the newspaper, and golf
  • Suggested style: Pale Ale, Browns, Ambers, Pilsner, Stout


  • Bold, forward, and intense
  • Pairs well with: skydiving, tattoos, and sleighing dragons
  • Suggested styles: Sours, Double IPA, Bocks, Specialty, Spiced or Fruit flavored



People’s Choice Award

  • Brew your beer on the Sudwerk’s Pilot Brewing System
  • One K-Class United Airlines voucher good for US48, Alaska, Canada, Mexico or Caribbean

Judges Awards

  • One K-Class United Airlines voucher good for US48, Alaska, Canada, Mexico or Caribbean


Frequently Asked Questions

How many beers can I submit?
Each brewer will be allowed to submit 2 beers. Each beer must meet the minimum 5 gallon batch requirement.

What size brew should I bring?
The equivalent of a minimum 5 gallon batch. While not a requirement, bringing a larger batch will give you the chance to provide more tastes and potentially more votes from attendees. Buckets and ice will be provided.

What should I bring my beer in?
You may bring your beer in whatever form you like ranging from bottles to kegs. You must bring your own tool for dispensing. Event coordinators will provide the glasses but you must provide your own bottle openers, taps, pumps, faucets, or dispensing handles.

The event will be providing buckets with ice to keep your beer cold and each attendee will have their own tasting glass for you to pour your beer into.

How do I decide what category to enter my beer in?
Ultimately it is up to you. Would you characterize your beer as cool, calm, and collected, or does your beer play on the wild side? Style suggestions are just guidelines and not to be strictly followed. If you need help deciding, email or call Sarah at sarah@rocksf.org or (415) 890-6579.

Meet the Brewers

We will be featuring a fine selection of beer from both commercial breweries and of course our homebrewers.  Our commercial beer includes the finest from Almanac, Goose Island Beer, Half Moon Bay, Lagunitas, Speakeasy, Sudwerk and Thirsty Bear.

Check out the people behind the homebrew below.

Name: Rick Locicero
Name of Beers: Angry Scottish Holiday & Irish Coffee Milk Stout
Bio: I have been Home Brewing under the name Mellow Fellow Brewing Company for almost 5 years now. I brew every style always looking for something new and interesting.
Residence: Pacifica


Name: Jalal Clemens
Name of Beer: Sweet Fire
Bio: I have been brewing beer for about two years. I started out with the standard kits but found my true calling is in brewing various alcoholic ginger beers which I find to be the most satisfying.
Residence: San Francisco

Name: Oliver Cunningham
Name of Beer: Amber Ale
Bio: I was born and raised in San Francisco, but had to go all the way back to Western Massachusetts to learn how to brew. After graduating from UMass in 2014 I began assembling a one gallon system but soon realized 10 beers wasn’t enough of a reward for all the effort. I now have a five gallon system up and running in the basement of Mercedes Hair of the Dog Cantina near the Transamerica Pyramid.
Residence: San Francisco

Name: Eric Shaefer
Name of Beer: Dulce Georgia Brown
Bio: I grew up in the city suburbs and I guess I always have liked beer. I brewed with a neighborhood club back in 2012, started doing gallon batches in 2014 and graduated to five gallons this year. I also own SF Adventure Tours, a sightseeing company that offers San Francisco city tours, Muir Woods and Marin County excursions, and beer and food tasting tours!
Residence: Belmont

Name: Mike Charlton
Name of Beer: Rugger Bugger Red
Bio: Bay Area home brewer for around eight years. I enjoy sharing beer with friends!
Residence: El Cerrito

Name: Alexander Ortega
Name of Beer: Double IPA
Bio: Born and raised in San Francisco in the Mission. I grew up in a Mexican household where at every party beer was there at some capacity. When I turned 24 I was gifted a homebrewing kit and made my first IPA. I’ve been brewing for several years now and have made IPA’s, Stouts and Porter’s for my friends and family.
Residence: San Francisco

Name: Brad Cain & Kelly Hymes
Name of Beer: Paddy’s Potion
Bio: We’re long time avid homebrewers at Wawona Brewing Company making all-grain ales inspired by traditional beer styles from America, Britain and Belgium. We love hops and IPAs, but normally focus on making sessionable pale ales, saisons, stouts and even the occasional sour or barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout.
Residence: San Francisco

Name: Luke Lovett
Name of Beer: Smoked Stout
Bio: I’ve been hooked on homebrewing ever since I got my first kit just about a year ago. Experimenting with recipes and ingredients is my favorite thing about brewing along with sharing the beer with friends.
Residence: San Francisco

Name: Adam Perry, Max Henderson & Tony Rosa
Name of Beer: Belgian Tripel & Coffee Milk Stout
Bio: Adam Perry: Avid beer connoisseur, father of two, originally from beer country, northern CO, Max Henderson: Tech executive, past semi-professional brewer, family originates from the old country of the Reinheitsgebot, Tony Rosa: Health care executive, father of two, beer lover, originally from Los Angeles.
Residence: Moss Beach & San Francisco

Name: Don Whipple
Name of Beer: Woo-Hoo Brew
Bio: During the day time, I am a summer camp owner and director and have lived in San Francisco for 20 years. I started making home brews about 8 years ago, and my family and friends think the brews are pretty good.  I have tried dozens of different recipes over the years and enjoy brewing all types of beer but this particular pale ale is my favorite.
Residence: San Francisco

Name: Hugs
Name of Beer: Nessie’s Export 80/-
Bio: My name is Hugs.  I am a process controls engineer for Lagunitas brewery.  I started brewing in 2011, while helping start up a couple breweries, as I didn’t know much about the process.  Since 2011, I’ve caught the good beer bug; brewing 30+ beers under my own label, “Hugglebrau”.  My flagship beer being my Chocolate Macadamia Nut Porter.
Residence: Oakland

Name: Vivek Krishnan
Name of Beer: Saison
Bio: I have been brewing for only a couple years, but that doesn’t stop me from experimenting like crazy with various spices, fruits, and sometimes nuts! I am from San Jose, have been living in SF for 10+ years, and digital advertising is what pays the bills.
Residence: San Francisco

Name: Brandon Nuess
Name of Beer: Grapefruit Legend & Dork Poison
Bio: I began homebrewing in 2013 after I heard Sierra Nevada was discontinuing Tumbler – their seasonal smoked brown ale. I absolutely had to try and recreate it while I still remembered its characteristics. The hobby has strapped me to a rocket ship and taken off since then. I specialize in porters, stouts, and German lagers. I live in Sacramento, but work in the city.
Residence: Sacramento

Name: Ray Zeller
Name of Beer: Pale Ale
Bio: I’m originally from Wilmington, Delaware, home of 90% of American corporations as well as Dogfish Head Brewery. I started brewing beer in 2016 but have been making kombucha at home for nearly a year. This got me experimenting with flavoring my recipes with anything I could put my hands on. I enjoy hop-forward “sessionable” beers, so you can expect something with a serious amount of dry hoppage, yet an even more serious amount of drinkability.
Residence: San Francisco

Name: Matt Pemberton
Name of Beer: Hella California Ale
Bio: Born and raised in the Sunset district of San Francisco. I am currently the Director of the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center, one of nine Beacon Centers in San Francisco (including R.O.C.K.’s Vis Valley Beacon). I was introduced to brewing in college at SFSU. I have made many varieties of ales and subscribe to Charles Papazian’s motto: “Relax, have a homebrew.”
Residence: San Francisco

Name: Charlie Koziol
Name of Beer: Nutty Chocolate Porter and American Pale
Bio: I brewed a little bit back in the 90’s, and then started brewing again about 3 years ago and made the switch to all-grain. I love brewing beer and sharing it with friends and family. I enjoy all styles of beer but especially like IPA’s, Belgians and Porters.
Residence: Vacaville

Name: Keith Kost
Name of Beer: Guided by Vices
Bio: Keith Kost grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and has been living in San Francisco for a year and half. He is a BJCP master judge and has been brewing beer for over 20 years. He has won over 400 beer awards, including 7 best of shows. In 2015, he won the Sierra Nevada California Homebrewer of the Year award and the San Francisco Homebrewers Guild’s Homebrewer of the Year award.
Residence: San Francisco


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We are looking for additional corporate sponsors.

We have some outstanding and affordable corporate sponsorship packages available.  Just imagine “YOUR COMPANY” presents, R.O.C.K. the Brew.  Yes, we are willing to name our event after your company.


For more information, download our sponsorship form as well as contact Sarah at sarah@rocksf.org or (415) 890-6587.

Silent Auction/Raffle

Silent Auction/Raffle items

Our silent auction and raffle is going to be huge.  You can win an autographed ball by Steph Curry of the GS Warriors, a dream vacation for two anywhere you’d like and much more.  Have a look at our complete silent auction listing.