R.O.C.K. Beacon Center At Visitacion Valley Middle School

Catering to ages 6-17 along with their families.

The San Francisco Beacon Initiative provides the community with a hub of support in eight different neighborhoods, including Visitacion Valley.

Funded through the City of San Francisco’s Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), the initiative works to provide a wealth of programming to children, youth, and adults throughout the year.


At its start, the Visitacion Valley Beacon Center location was thriving and successful, but eventually fell into decline and was unable to provide a quality level of service. In 2009, the City of San Francisco approached R.O.C.K. to take over the Visitacion Valley Beacon site, which was housed at the middle school. They were impressed by the organization’s positive reputation within the community and at the middle school. With the support of local government and the surrounding community, R.O.C.K. took over management of the Beacon site, which runs successfully today as a thriving hotspot in the community.


The Beacon is a year-round program that is centered around activities headquartered at Visitacion Valley Middle School.

R.O.C.K. is different because we make a positive impact year after year.