R.O.C.K. isn’t any one person or place – it’s a team of people just like you.

It’s people who are investing in their city, their neighborhood, and their future by providing positive relationships and experiences to at-risk children. By joining R.O.C.K., you are able to dig in and make positive changes in your community every day that you volunteer. Want to see a better tomorrow for Visitacion Valley? Let’s start with our kids. R.O.C.K. is making a difference in children’s lives and we need your help to make it happen.

Make a difference in the lives of at-risk San Francisco youth.

You know R.O.C.K. needs your help, but do you need R.O.C.K.?

What we do is only possible by the commitment of everyday people like you. While the help you give is a precious gift, what R.O.C.K. gives to its volunteers is priceless.


By joining with us, you are able to:

Make an Impact

Feel good knowing you are making a positive impact in the life of a child who doesn’t get many breaks or opportunities for fun.

Provide Happiness

Feel good when you see a child smiling, knowing they don’t always have a lot to smile about.

Gain Knowledge

Learn more about yourself and the issues your community faces every day.

Help Your Community

Feel good knowing you are contributing to your community in a visible and meaningful way.

Make New Friends

Meet other like-minded people who are devoted to building a better community one soccer game or homework session at a time.

Gain Valuable Experience

Receive ongoing training by R.O.C.K.’s team of professionals, while also gaining valuable experience to further enrich your life.


Ready to go on an amazing outdoor adventure? Or maybe you’re up for a fun game of soccer on a Saturday morning?


R.O.C.K. has the ideal volunteer opportunity for your schedule or preference. Hands-on or behind-the-scenes, there is a volunteer opportunity that will fit in your busy life.

Direct Services

Prefer to be in direct service in your community? We can find the perfect position for you to work with our participants in a fun, enriching environment. Examples of what you might do in direct service:

  • Teach an elementary school child to play soccer.

  • Take a group of middle school participants on an amazing hike.

  • Assist kids with homework and help them feel confident the next day at school.

Indirect Services

Prefer to work behind the scenes? We offer many impactful indirect service opportunities which allow you to:

  • Provide professional assistance in your area of expertise.

  • Assist with R.O.C.K.’s fundraising events – or create your own.

  • Help spread the news about the great things R.O.C.K. is doing in the community.

  • Serve on R.O.C.K.’s Board of Directors to guide the organization.

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Are You the Person for R.O.C.K.?

R.O.C.K. is known for providing the highest quality of youth development and support programs in our area. Through its network of amazing volunteers, R.O.C.K. is able to continue its work in the Visitacion Valley community.


We are always looking for people like you who are willing to rise to the challenge. Specifically, R.O.C.K. volunteers:

  • Are prompt and dependable.
    R.O.C.K. kids rely on our volunteers to be there when they say they will be.

  • Are flexible.
    The needs of kids in R.O.C.K.’s programs sometimes change, and our volunteers need to be able to go with the changes.

  • Have initiative.
    Sometimes R.O.C.K. volunteers show leadership in order to provide a great environment.

  • Have patience.
    R.O.C.K. participants are kids, and kids require patience and understanding.

  • Use imagination and creativity.
    R.O.C.K. volunteers have to be willing to think like a kid and be imaginative.

  • Have a sense of humor.
    Our kids need a place to laugh and play, so R.O.C.K. needs you to be willing to laugh along with them.

  • Respect Privacy.
    Use discretion and exhibit trustworthiness with confidential matters relating to kids and their families.

  • Have a warm, positive, and supportive attitude.
    R.O.C.K. is here to help lift the community up, so we’ll need you to be willing to do the same.

  • Be sensitive to children’s needs.
    R.O.C.K. kids face hurdles, both big and small, so volunteers need to be ready to encourage them.

  • Have respect for others.

How to Volunteer

We need you to continue our success as one of San Francisco’s largest youth development providers. Without you, we can’t make it happen. We’ve simplified the volunteer process, making it easier than ever to get started. In four quick steps, you can begin helping the kids in your community who need you.

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    Step 1

    Make sure you love working with kids and spending time to build positive relationships to foster growth and encouragement.

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    Step 2

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    Step 3

    R.O.C.K. will provide you with a finger print form to obtain background clearance.

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    Step 4

    Once your background and reference checks have cleared, you’ll be ready to make a positive difference in your community and in your own life.

You’re on your way to becoming one of R.O.C.K.’s amazing community volunteers!